You still need some fire if you want to keep warm.

Max Love Project

We are currently working with a wonderful organization that empowers kids, families and entire communities to thrive in the midst of the great adversity of childhood cancer. 

Visit Max Love Project to learn more about the amazing things they are up to and how you can get involved. 

Don't Buy the Tie

The Mentoring Project is an organization dedicated to ending the long list of children who are still waiting for a mentor in the United States. One of the many ways they do this is by encouraging people to do something a little different for Fathers Day. 

It was an honor for us to partner with them toward such a worthwhile cause. 


Blue Miso Books

Tina Allen, the founder and director of Liddle Kidz Foundation recently released her new book, A Modern Day Guide to Massage for Children. In spreading the word of its release, we thought it fitting that her biggest advocate be the one to give the pitch. 

Hatch Innovation Lab

There's something wonderful brewing in the Pacific Northwest.

Hatch is a place for the social innovators and entrepreneurs to go to find everything they need to launch their socially minded enterprise. Within its walls, people are invited to learn what it really means to be a "professional citizen." 


The Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow

Everybody craves a break from the regular every once and a while. For us, the production of this nautically themed, children's folk album has been exactly that. If you are itching for some sea-faring folk music that will inspire imagination, wonder and a good deal of foot tapping, this album is for you.

To learn more about the project, visit us at >>

Liddle Kidz in Vietnam

In November of 2012, we had the privilege of joining  the Liddle Kidz Foundation in Vietnam as they shared the many benefits of pediatric massage to a wide array of orphanages, schools, charity centers and hospitals. They spread the power of nurturing touch to some of the worlds most impoverished children. We went to document the experience.




We dig deep enough to get to the heart of what makes you tick.  We find creative and compelling ways to tell your story.  We celebrate with way too much ice cream.  We sleep it off and do it all over again.

The place we call home

Nestled between the towering mountains of the Cascade range and the rocky and rugged coast of the Pacific Northwest,  Portland,  Oregon is the city we call home. Though the sky can often be cloudy and grey, the whispers of the pine share a beautiful song and the overcast horizon of a rainy day is our canvas!

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How it all started

Magmatic Northwest began shortly after we realized that for every trip we took to get a cup of coffee,  we'd inevitibly cross paths with yet another talented creative living and working right here is our own proverbial backyard.  As it turned out,  these creatives had creative friends,  and their friends had other friends, and before we knew it,  our wallet was filled with enough business cards to give George Costanza a run for his money. (Click here to learn more about George's wallet.)


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